Create a new Tour

2. Create a New Tour

Navigate to Dashboard > Tour > Add Tour, then Add some information like Name, Tour Content, Descriptions, Attribute for Tour.

  • Title: Use a good name for Tour will help Google find you easier
  • Content: write a detailed description of Tour
  • Category: Select Tour Category will help client Filter it easier
  • Youtube Video: On this version, we only support youtube video, you should upload the good quality video to show it on Single current Tour banner
  • Duration: the number is calculated by Hour
  • Tour number Person: enter the limitation(Min/Max of number Person) for Tour
  • FAQ's (Optional): Enter commonly asked questions from customers



Tour Location

  • Location: Select the Location for Tour, Create more Location
  • Real tour address: enter the address for Tour
  • Map Engine: just need to mark the point of Location in the Map, the Long&Lat information will be generated, Zoom default is 12



Pricing for Tour

There are 2 ways to calculate the price for Tour: Fixed Price and Price by Type of Person

1. Fixed Price:  

- By default, the Tour price will be calculated according to the price you entered in the Tour Price section by number of Guest

 - The part that suggests the percentage discount will always be displayed at the price in the Tour price



2. Price by Type of Person: Check to the box to enable price for each person

When you enable this option, all prices will only be calculated according to the price you offer for each object:

  • Children: regulations from 6-15 years old - $ 560 price, only allow a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 10 people
  • Adults: regulations from 16-50 years old - $ 560 price...
  • Old people: regulations from 50-60 years old - $ 560 price...



Extra service(Optional): you can add more service for your Tour like FastFood, Drinks...

you can follow these steps below:

  • Step 1: Check to the box to Enable Extra Price
  • * But you need to REMEMBER: If you Enable it but you don't input anything, your Tour booking will be FAILED
  • Step 2: Enter the title of Extra service
  • Step 3: Enter the price of service
  • Step 4: Select Type of service: price per One time or price per Person



Discount type :

  • Cart discount – A fixed total discount for the entire cart. For example, if the cart contains a tour, a coupon for $10 off will give a discount of $10.
  • Cart % discount – A percentage discount for the entire cart. For example, if the cart contains a tour @ $60, a coupon for 10% off will give a discount of $6.



3. Availability calendar for Tour

Navigate to Dashboard > Tour > Availability: Add price by type of Person

Remember the Max Guest: if you leave it blank, Your client can't book on that day


SEO Manage:

If you don't need SEO on-site, just need to select No in the selector below:


How to use Multi-language for Tour

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