Update + Backup Language files

After translating all the language files, Do you know where the JSON files were saved? 

Ok, This post will share with you some language files and the way to back up the translated files.

1. How to backup all the translated files: 

See the screenshot below, this is the file that was translated fully content, but we haven't had any option to download/export it:

To find these files, please go to the resources/lang folder on your hosting:

All the completed files are saved here, just need to download these files and backup them. However, it will not be lost whenever doing a new Update version, all the files will be saved.

2. Share with you some translated files

Similar to backing up files, you will also upload the following language files and then upload them to resources/lang. After uploading, the data file will follow the language key to load the file.

Step 1: Upload file to resources/lang

Step 2: Load the Translated text from files: 

On the Admin Dash Tools > Translation Manager, to load the text from the JSON file, the first step need to do is "More > Load Translated Default"

  1. Vietnamese - (vi) - 124KB
  2. Spanish - (es_ES) - 24KB
  3. Japanese - (ja) - 30KB
  4. Deutsch - (gsw) - 63KB
  5. Arabic - (egy)
  6. German - (de)
  7. French - (fr)
  8. Italian - (it)
  9. Indonesia - (id) - 96KB