Version 2.4.0 February 24 – 2022


+ Add 2FA with Google Authenticator

+ Add the PopUp module

+ Add the Vendor listing (homepage block)

+ Update Stripe payment to the new version

+ Add discount information in the invoice

+ Add "Radius" option for Auto completed location from Google

+ Add "Delete button" allows User can disable their own account

+ Allow searching/Filter by business name in Dashboard > Users

+ Enable enquiry form for Boat module

+ Update icon loading for calendar



+ Hotel/Space by night from 21-24, but 21+24 is disabled so you can't checkout/check-in

+ Checkout page > Booking Detail has an incorrect detailed price

+ Fixed Twitter Login

+ Add commission detail in the Report

+ Update pagination in the Map Layout

+ Fixed missing the target attribute for <a> tag

+ Fixed "Room not available for booking" on the checkout page

+ Fixed uploading image in the Live chat