Version 2.2.0 October 08 - 2021


+ Add the COUPON code module

+ Add Image Editor tool 

+ Add map clustering feature on map function

+ Add ID filed for service listing, that allow taking the needy services 

+ Add options allow changing font-family for tags h1-2-3

+ Add the "Pay now" button for UnPaid status, which allows continuation paying

+ Add option allows opening services in the New Tab or current tab

+ Add an option to change center place in the Map service

+ Hide "Become vendor" button in the user dashboard if the Vendor register is turned OFF




+ Fixed the 405 method issue

+ Fixed 500 Error when accessing to Logs

+ Fixed Contact Report is 404 in the dashboard

+ The inquiry form has JS issue

+ Review cant filter by User

+ Vendor dashboard - on the Full HD resolution the Available Calendar can't able to scroll down