SMS Settings

SMS feature allows admin/customer/vendor to get SMS notifications to their mobile whenever have a new Booking or any modify in their Booking Status.

There are 2 SMS drivers that are supported in the BookingCore: NEXMO + TWILIO and LOG is for testing. Go to Settings > SMS Settings you will see the SMS configure here.

Follow these steps below to set up an SMS Driver:

  1. Select an SMS Driver that works fine in your country.
  2. Access to  NEXMO or TWILIO page to register an account.
  3. Enter some config information for NEXMO or TWILIO 
  4. Config Phone Administrator: Phone number must be E.164 format, Format: [subscriber number including area code] home
  5. Enable send SMS to Administrator/Customer/Vendor when having a booking?
  6. Enable send SMS to Administrator/Customer/Vendor when update booking?



1. Go to Settings > select the Twilio Driver for SMS

2. Register an account on TWILIO site  and Verify your account information:

2. Continue Verify Steps:

3. After verifying the account, you will be redirected to the Console page


4. Select the country where can send the message