Setting for Space Searching page

 - Title page: the text shown on the Space search banner

-  Image banner: You should use the image with size: 1920 x 500(px)

- Layout Search: now we are supporting 2 styles of layout Search for Space: Normal layout and Map layout

- Location Search Style:  Autocomplete from locations & Autocomplete from Gmap Place: 

+ Autocomplete from locations: Smart typing for searching, all the list is taken in the Location list

+ Autocomplete from Gmap Place: all the location is listed by Google API, but they will be sorted by distance, not searched by exact location

- Limit item per Page: input number item you want to show on search page


 - Default location for Map: Set some information below to set the default location for the map 

+ Select location for Map Layout: Map on the Left / Map on the right 

+ Input geographic coordinate system to set Location default 

2. Form search fields 

2.1 Search fields on banner & searching page

To change the search form you can follow these steps below:

Step 1: Specify the number of fields you want to display on the form, eg: 2 columns / 3 columns

Step 2: Determine the type of search field you need to use: Service name / Location / Attributes / Date / Price

Step 3: Input the information to the form below, let's see the example:

Input Location title -> select the Location type -> and columns size will be Size column  6


SEO Manage:

If you don't need SEO on-site, just need to leave blank those fields below: